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Injury Prevention

Going Hunting? Don’t Neglect Your most Vital Resource- YOU!

Hunting is all about preparation: you spend days scouting and planning; you spend hours shooting and sighting in your bow and rifle; you research and acquire the best gear to enhance your chances in every situation. But if you don’t prepare your body, you’ve neglected the most important part of the system, and all of…

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How to Get the Most from Self Massage

Soft-tissue self massage has a lot to offer athletes. It can help improve mobility, decrease pain and improve recovery from intense exercise. The number of gadgets, gizmos and instruments continues to grow. Before I get into the basics, a word of caution. If you have an injury, I recommend self massage in conjunction with treatment…

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“Sit up straight!” Does Your Posture Affect Your Performance?

Did your mother ever nag you about sitting up straight? Maybe a teacher did? Other than aesthetics, why does posture matter and how does it affect your performance? Poor posture creates muscular imbalances. Sitting with slouched shoulders and head forward–we’ve all been there. Vladimir Janda termed this Upper Cross Syndrome. It’s particularly common for anyone…

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How the Brain Factors Into Recovery?

“How much longer until this heals?” Patience is tough when you’re healing from an injury. It always seems to take longer than you’d like to get back your workouts. Why is this? In part, because there are are two parts to physical injuries: Tissue damage. The brain’s response to the injury. This includes compensating (limping,…

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How Full is Your Recovery Bucket?

How Full is Your Recovery Bucket? Ever wonder how day-to-day stress impacts your performance? Throughout the day, our bodies need to adapt to our surroundings and recover from stress. Short-term stress like road construction is easy to recover from. Dragging all day because your racing mind wouldn’t let you go to sleep is long term…

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CrossFit Training

Good stress, bad stress. How does it affect how you train?

When we hear about stress, it’s often in a negative light. “I’m so stressed!” “This stress is killing me!” But stress can also be positive. Unless we have some stress we won’t be motivated. We might stay in bed all day. Scientists call good stress, “eustress.” It’s the beneficial stress that brings out the best…

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A Storm is Coming! (again…)

With the significant increase in snowfall we’ve been dealing with this winter, it’s no surprise there has likewise been a spike in back, neck, and shoulder, injuries from the increased physical demands of keeping snow clear from our homes. An even more serious issue is the combination of intense physical activity and blood vessel constriction…

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Dr. Aaron’s Story and Why he does what he does

I grew up always on the go, playing sports and participating in any activity I could find. I’ve always had a love of physical movement and activity. Like many kids, I dreamed of playing professional everything – baseball, football, maybe even golf. As I grew, my primary love became baseball, mostly because there wasn’t much…

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